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Waterless Deutschland was founded in 1997. Karl Hettwer, managing director of the company selling waterless urinals, looks back to over 35 years of experience in the fields of sanitary and heating engineering. Time-to-market is indispensable for him. In a sector where "urgent needs" have to be satisfied, he and his crew of fitters and masters in sanitary engineering see to an always quick delivery and installation.
      Waterless Deutschland is a franchisee the parent company of which has its registered office in the United States (with patents world-wide and more than 15 years of working experience). One more word about the Waterless family's British sister company:
      In September 1997, the government of the United Kingdom started an initiative awarding
prizes for state-of-the-art products and services. Companies developing unconventional products, making use of highly sophisticated technology and solving important problems (such as water shortage) were sought after.
      Future explorers discovered Waterless UK, the British subsidiary, and awarded it the Millennium Products Award. Now the Millennium Dome in London is no longer the only place offering its visitors a waterless pee. In Germany too, more and more operators of public and private institutions as well as all sorts of different companies switch to Waterless.
      This reflects an overall cost and environmental consciousness as well as the ability to adapt to a new millennium: The Think-across-the-urinal-brink.

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