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Urine consists to 96% of water. Why should we utilize still more water to carry it away? The Waterless technique sets an end to this contradiction. The urinal system without water functions this way:
      The urinal consists of a novel, smooth and pore-free material. From the surface of the basin, the urine flows into the centerpiece of the system - the siphon - nearly without residue. This siphon comprises all-seal, a 100% bio-degradable liquid through which, due to its specific weight, urine diffuses easily without leaving a bad smell. All solid elements of the urine are filtered in the siphon, the remaining liquid goes into the drain. 2-4 times a year (after several thousand times in use) the siphon and the all-seal are replaced - something that takes no more than 15-30 seconds and can easily be done by yourself.
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